Periodontics Gum Therapy


Gum diseases are prevailing and should be taken as a harsh reality in the society today. Effective Treatment for Periodontics Gum Diseases should be applied to deal with it. People should be aware of ill effects of smoking and chewing tobacco as teeth are the direct target of these two habits. The treatment for Periodontics gum disease is easy and starts from your home! Healthy oral practices help a lot!


Only a well equipped gum disease specialist is able to deal with Treatment for Periodontics Gum Diseases. Issues like plaque & bleeding gums should be handled by a gum disease specialist only.


More About Periodontics Gum Diseases


Periodontics is the branch of dental science that deals with supportive structures around teeth mainly the gums. Do you know that more than 75% of all adults in India have gum disease? Many people have gum disease and are not even aware they have this problem. Do you know that gum disease is the #1 reason adults lose their teeth. Gum disease is termed as “silent” disease-until your teeth become loose and fall out leaving most of the people unaware.


The lack of awareness on the topic can be held responsible for the majority to avoid & overlook the gum problems that may result in chronic disasters later! Do you know that HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) can be considered transferable in case by two individuals with advanced gum disease Kiss?

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