Oral Surgery


Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Oral surgery Treatment Procedures refer to a list of treatments applied. These treatments can be divided into four major categories namely:

Oral surgery Treatment Procedures

1) Teeth Removal
2) Dental Implants
3) Facial Injuries & Infections
4) Sleep apnea / Snoring

The first category of oral surgery treatment talks abou removal of teeth from mouth. It can be an infected tooth or Wisdom tooth care.

The last teeth to develop and erupt into the jaws during teen years are called the third molars or wisdom teeth. Third molars coincide with passage into adulthood wisdom & hence are termed as “wisdom teeth”. Wisdom tooth is removed in case Jaws are not able to board the newly grown tooth. In such cases where jaws are not large, this growing tooth may not align in a proper manner. It may hamper other tissues and can result in infections. The pain is uncontrollable in these situations. Thanks to latest technologies, Dentist are able to take care of these issues with ease.

We believe in one of the main goals of modern dentistry will always be the prevention of tooth loss. All possible measures should be taken to preserve & maintain your teeth as the loss of a single tooth can have a major impact upon dental health & appearance. However it is still sometimes necessary to remove wisdom tooth at oral surgery treatment center if it causes any problems, and the gum disease specialist at Oral surgery clinic jaipur will determine the possibility for extraction.

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